Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Quiet Evening in a Country Setting

A late evening drive to Peggy & Michael's country home under construction on Friday, September 18, 2009, ended up being one of those unexpected enjoyable family times. As we arrived at their farm we spotted our son-in-law Michael and our grandkids, Emily, Ryan, Matthew & Cody on their fishing pier with their camouflaged t-shirts or vests. But no, they weren't fishing as we first thought, but rather dove hunting. Michael handled the shotgun while the kids watched from all directions from the fishing pier near their tank looking skyward trying to spot a dove or two flying over for their Dad to take aim at. "There comes one, Dad!" was heard several times as their voices resounded with excitement. When his aim was successful they were quick to retrieve the game and proudly added it to their collection. After bringing down a few they wanted to know if their Dad was going to make dove stew! Don't know if the stew ever materialized but watching our grandkids enjoy this special time hunting with their Dad was a special treat!
Our daughter Peggy joined us on the pier just in time to watch the sun set and enjoy a cold one with us. The grandkids were quick to want to "show and tell" the fruits of their hunt with their mother! Little Cody graciously handed Mom one of the lifeless birds, but she persuaded him she should bring it to his Dad.
Conversation flowed freely and as I enjoyed the beautiful country setting and the peaceful evening, I couldn't help but be grateful that my dream of living in a country was being lived out by our children and grandchildren. The serenity of this special time of day was all the more awesome when we as grandparents could witness two wonderful parents spending precious time with their children. Sometimes I think parents (in general) try too hard to buy "things" for their children , when one of the most precious gifts they can give them is the gift of spending time with them. And when it's done in God's great outdoors ... it seems all the more special! An evening like this truly makes one appreciate once again some of our most precious gifts we take so for granted - the gift of family and the wonders of God's creation!


  1. Love this blog! thanks for sharing that beautiful evening with us.

    You give me hope that maybe some day I will have time to blog also :-) I don't know how these other mom's of small children do it!

  2. Gotta admit you really are enjoying this blog spot, plus your beautiful family. What joy you are giving them by making memories is awesome, plus your writings. They areso enjoyable. My grandkids love to talk about our adventures when they were young. We really are lucky that our children and their children are enjoying the good things in life. God has been good to us both