Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Dancing Family

The Barta family might become a "dancing family" if we can do this more often! On Sunday, September 27, we made the short drive to Schulenburg for a Sunday afternoon that was filled with happy music and good times!

One of my Birthday wishes (even though more than two weeks had passed since my Birthday!) was to find a dance that featured a band that played polkas and waltzes and our whole family would go dancing ... kids as well as the adults! It had been a couple of years since we last tried that, and the kids did ask more than once, "When are we going dancing again?!"

My Birthday wish materialized in the form of a drive to Schulenburg's Sengelmann Hall. This was our first trip there and I am sure we will be returning! It seems that the building where it is located has a very unique history and someone has only recently renovated it and put it to good use! The first floor is a restaurant (which we didn't try but have been told is quite good), while the second floor has a very nice dance floor surrounded with adequate seating and tables for around 200 people. The bar was serving several brands of golden brew on tap ... from a dark ale to several light versions.

Central Texas Sounds was the featured band and they had no problem pleasing the crowd of dancers as well as other families that gathered for a Sunday afternoon of happy times! Everyone danced, from little Cody to Granny and Grandpa! Grandpa took turns dancing with our granddaughters as well as our daughters. And I tried my best to teach our grandsons, Ryan, Matthew and even little Cody a few steps, but I've concluded that Clarence is a better dance instructor than I am. Our sons-in-law gave me the privilege of making a few circles around the dance hall with them also. All twelve of us in our family got in on the dancing at one time or another and to say we had a good time is putting it mildly. From polkas and waltzes to a touch of western music occasionally and even a jitterbug number... we danced away the afternoon.

Happy music, cold refreshments, and surrounded by family ... it doesn't get any better than that!! I couldn't help but think, "Now that's the way God meant for Sundays to be spent ... going to church and then spending the time enjoying one's family ... and when you add happy music and dancing to that combination, it can't help but create special memories!!"
Thank you God for the many blessings you have given our fmaily!