Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Big Ones That Didn't Get Away!

Fishing has always been fun, especially when one can hook onto a few big ones! The weather was hot and humid, but it must have been just right for fishing as the fish were biting at the Malinovsky tank on Sun., Sept. 20, 2009. Peggy caught the first big one which was more than adequate for "keeping" - as it was estimated to be about a 6 pound catfish. Not long after that Emily's line starting bending and she landed another big blue cat. In a matter of minutes, Peggy landed another nice-sized one. Just when it seemed the fish had gotten "fed up" and things started quieting down, my line disappeared from another spot clear across the tank. Was I ever excited!! I had to work the line for several minutes (with a bit of coaching from Clarence of course as well as the grandkids!!) I was so afraid it would "get away!" My arm started tiring after fighting with it for so long, but it was well worth the effort when I finally landed the big one! We didn't weigh it, but the guys thought it was 8 to 10#. The kids were so excited that Granny caught such a big fish! It was fun... and a cold one after all that work sure tasted good! Thanks to Michael for doing the cleaning duties. Anybody for fried fish!!?? I can't wait to try some!!
Hmmm! I hate to say it too loud, but isn't it interesting that the "ladies" were the only ones that caught the big fish that day!!

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